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From the earliest years of my life I had the good luck because I have loving and generous parents. Both my parents were always supportive to my artistic motivations and by keeping me in this way, was the greatest gift from them. Already, in the early childhood, they led me to Art School where I started my first - step by step - with several years of educations.

After all, one step forward in my education of Art Painting was when I met the Spanish artist and a painter Francisco F. Master Francisco was a teacher and a leader in the Fine Art School in Stockholm.
He became famous by his unique methods to teach young fine arts adepts the impressive knowledge of the Old Masters Oil Techniques.

Francisco taught - the aspect of the beauty of art exists around you, and good painting technique only helps to express this beauty on canvas. But to keep this loveliness on canvas, the artist would be free in his mind from all sorts’ cultural dichotomies or temporary trends, to have a spiritual connection to art.

To see the originals you’re welcome in Art Gallery.
The information about the next exhibition will be given on my website. To buy a printed art, you’re welcome to look at Fine Art America website.

Thank you, for visiting my site.
//Elisabeth Waldon